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The Japanese word, Mottainai (pronounced moat-tie-nigh) means "Don't waste what is valuable” and is commonly used to express a feeling of regret when something is put to waste without deriving its value. RINNE noticed that the world is full of Mottainai. so we are trying to rescue as much Mottainai as possible in order to make it to a fuel to build brighter future.

RinnePDX introduces Japan's precious culture and its life-style through collaborative works among Japan and Portland, Oregon.


Rinne Products Showcase

All are handmade from our collaborative work with care and respect. We only sell items at pop-ups for now. Follow our instagram and stay tuned!

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Rinne Upcycled Earring

Japan's Mottainai meets Portland

When RINNE's founding members had our very first camp in Portland Oregon in 2019, we all got inspired by creative and sustainable city and people.

After the camp, RINNE was officially formed in August 2019 in Tokyo, and opened which provides Upcycle Craft opportunity with local drinks! RINNE has been trying to encourage people in Japan to live more consciously and creatively to the environment and materials while aiming to open a Japan's first creative reuse store in near future.   

In 2021, as a return of so much inspiration and learning opportunities in Portland, RINNE unleashed Rinne.pdx project in Portland. Introducing a concept of Mottainai, we are looking forward to having more collaboration, cultural exchange, and making our future better together!

Our Story (coming soon)
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TERAS in Japan

RINNE's partner

TERAS is a registered welfare facility for persons with disabilities located in Tochigi, Japan, and all our Sashiko stitches and some designs are born by those people as their support program.

RINNE supports TERAS inclusive social challenge as well as saving Japan's precious culture of Sashiko for next generation.

TERAS and RINNE are aiming more inclusive, global, and cultural society together.

TERAS's official site


About Midori

A creative thinker, social practice artist / producer based in Portland Oregon and Hokkaido Japan.

RinnePDX is run by Midori and her team in Portland while being a hub for RINNE in Japan and creative city of Portland. 

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